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3DM-MODEL S resin

3DM-MODEL S resin

SKU: 021

The 3DM-MODEL S resin has been especialy developed to produce high details dental models based on the verification of dental diagnoses.

With his white color and his good surface finish, this opaque resin is an ideal choice for study models in dental field.

The 3DM-MODEL S resin reproduces precise details to your models and is highly recommended for printing models which require high contrast and shape stability.

His opaque aspect and his specific white color have been carefully choice in partnership with dental professional for a better view of printed details.

The 3DM-MODEL S resin meet the manufacturing demands of study models with a high printing speed.

Color: white
  • Photopolymer resin for Dental Study Models

    • Printer compatibility : Compatible on SLA, DLP and LCD printers with UV LED light sources from 365 nm up to 405 nm wavelengths.
    • Suitable for :  Dental Study Models.
    • Your benefits : Opaque aspect & White color, Tough material, Precise details reproduction & Shape stability, Surface finishing, High printing speed.
  • Resin properties

    Aspect   opaque
    Viscosity @ 25°C 180-200 mPa.s
    Density @ 25°C 1.18 g/cm3
    Hardness (Shore D) ISO 868 80


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