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3DM-WAX resin

3DM-WAX resin

SKU: 004
The resin 3DM-WAX is a high resolution photopolymer suitable for lost wax casting in Jewelry. 
With his waxy aspect and his excellent surface finishing, this resin requires also short burnout cycles during the lost wax casting process.
This wax-like material has negligible ash content and request a shorter burnout compare to the 3DM-CAST which makes it very easy to cast.
3DM-WAX resin was developed for jewel models requiring a high level to the details and is mainly recommend to print models at 25 to 50 microns resolutions.
Color: Green
  • Photopolymer resin for lost wax casting

    • Printer compatibility : Compatible on SLA, DLP and LCD printers with UV LED light sources from 365 nm up to 405 nm wavelengths.
    • Suitable for : Direct investment casting material for Jewelry
    • Your benefits : Waxy aspect, High resolution, Easy to cast, Short burnout cycle, Negligible ash content






  • Resin properties

    Aspect   opaque green
    Viscosity @ 30°C

    80 mPa.s

    Density @ 25°C

    1.05 g/cm3

    Hardness (Shore D)  


    Ash content  

    < 0,03 %


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