3DM-TOUGH resin

3DM-TOUGH resin

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The great feature of the 3DM-TOUGH resin is its toughness, his clarity and transparency aspect without any yellowing in time.

The 3DM-TOUGH material distinguished mainly by his accuracy, his low shrinkage and its durability.

This clear material produces functional and colorless parts that are similar to transparent plastics with good weathering resistance, good scratch resistance and high dimensional stability.

The 3DM-TOUGH resin offers many properties similar to traditional engineering plastics making this material ideal for many applications in automotive, medical and electronic markets, including functional prototypes, packaging and bottles, flow analysis, microfluid tests, lighting and lenses models.

The 3DM-TOUGH resin is an excellent choice for companies that require to print accurate, tough and transparent models.

Color: Clear
  • Tough and transparent photopolymer resin

    • Printer compatibility : Compatible on SLA, DLP and LCD printers with UV LED light sources from 365 nm up to 405 nm UV wavelenghts.
    • Suitable for :  Medical models & devices, Functional prototyping, Electronics, Architecture & Art, Automotive, Packaging & Bottles, Microfluid & Flow analysis, Lighting & Lenses.
    • Your benefits : Toughness, Low shrinkage, Weathering & Scratch resistance, Colorless & Transparency, Flexibility, Dimensional stability, Accuracy & Durability.


  • Mechanical & Resin properties

    Tensile Modulus ISO 527-2/93 2000-2300 MPa
    Tensile Strength ISO 527-2/93 45-50 MPa
    Elongation @ Break