3DM-IMPACT resin

3DM-IMPACT resin

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The 3DM-IMPACT resin was designed for parts which require toughness with high modulus while maintaining a good flexibility. This multipurpose material resist to shocks without breaking, showing his high impact toughness to produces models that are more resistant to fracture and cracking than other known resins in this market.

The 3DM-IMPACT resin is an excellent choice to print high performance functional parts like snap-fits, electrical casings, jigs, fixtures and tooling.

This material also fullfil the requirements of many other functional applications like the sporting goods, automotive parts, orthopedics, etc........

The other outstanding feature of this material is that it has the ability to provide shape memory effect to your printed parts depending on the temperature which makes the 3DM-IMPACT resin an advanced material compare to other profesional brands.

Color: white