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3DM-FLEX 2.0 resin

3DM-FLEX 2.0 resin

SKU: 005

Our new resin 3DM-FLEX 2.0 is a new formulation of flexible resin which has better mechanical properties and new appearance. This new resin provide better flexibility without breaking compare to the previous version.
This material reproduces the flexibility of rubber materials or TPU materials.
It is a rigid and elastic material with an hardness between 80A to 90A. 
Combining flexibility and strength, the 3DM-FLEX 2.0 material can withstand cyclical stresses of bending and compression.
This new version his suitable for a wide range of applications which require stretch and elasticity characteristics.
His flexible properties makes the 3DM-FLEX 2.0 material ideal for use in animation, toys, architecture, art, education and in a lot of other fields.

Color: Black
  • Photopolymer resin for flexible parts

    • Printer compatibility : Compatible on SLA, DLP and LCD printers with UV LED light sources from 365 nm up to 405 nm UV wavelenghts
    • Suitable for : Animations, Toys, Architecture, Art, Grips, Seals & gaskets
    • Your benefits : High flexibility, Elasticity & Stretch properties, Tear & compression resistance, TPU like material
  • Mechanical & Resin properties

    Aspect   black
    Viscosity @ 25°C 250-300 MPa.s
    Density @ 25°C 1.18 g/cm3
    Tensile strength ISO 527-2/93 70-80 MPa
    Elongation @ Break ISO 527-2/93 50-60%
    Tear strength ASTM D624-00 35-45 kN/m
    Hardness (Shore A) ISO 868 80-90


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