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3DM-ABS resin

3DM-ABS resin

SKU: 001

The 3DM-ABS resin provides a very low shrinkage compare to other resin brand by combining good temperature resistance with high toughness.
This resin offers also durability and dimensional stability to your models.

The 3DM-ABS resin is the best compromise to print models high definition and fast curing.
For companies that require to print prototypes with accuracy, the 3DM-ABS resin is an excellent choice.

  • Photopolymer resin for prototyping

    • Printer compatibility : Compatible on SLA, DLP and LCD printers with UV LED light sources from 365 nm up to 405 nm UV wavelenghts
    • Suitable for :  Prototyping, Electronics, Architecture & Art, Mechanical, Automotive, Toys
    • Your benefits : Low shrinkage, Temperature resistant, Toughness, Durability, Dimensional stability, Accuracy, High speed, Very low viscosity resin


  • Mechanical & Resin properties

    Tensile Modulus ISO 527-2/93 1900-2200 MPa
    Tensile Strength ISO 527-2/93 40-50 MPa
    Elongation @ Break ISO 527-2/93 4-6 %
    Elongation @ Yield ISO 527-2/93 N.D.
    Flexural Modulus ISO 178/01 2600-3000 MPa
    Flexural Strength ISO 178/01 90-110 MPa
    IZOD Notched ASTM D256 15-20 J/m
    HDT @ 0.45 MPa ISO 75-2/04 65-75°C
    Tg ISO 67821-7/96 50-60°C
    Hardness (Shore D)   84-86
    Aspect   very low viscosity
    Viscosity @ 25°C 30-40 mPa.s
    Density @ 25°C 1.12 g/cm3


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